May 13, 2022
Updated September 6, 2023

Actually, I wanted to learn a bit about MIDI files anyway, so after a bit of reading up, I got down to a bit of business in Visual Studio and then sort of got carried away.

The program offers some handy features, like randomized velocity, randomized note start/end, downward note transposition (inversion), arpeggiation and funk guitar grooves. This last one worked out better than I expected: There's a feature that allows you to create random funk guitar grooves - each time you run it you get a completely different and unique groove. Makes it much easier than trying to draw all this inside the Ableton Live piano roll.

I'm pretty happy with the result tbh. What I like is the general simplicity. More than happy with good old console programs - no complex GUI - and using plain text files for the data and commands.

The program does not need any special installation, just get it from the downloads page and drop it into a convenient folder. Then run it by using a Command Window and putting yourself in the that folder. There's quite a lot to this little application, so you'll definitely also need to download the User Manual.

If you're interested in the code, it was developed in C++ and you can get the code here.

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